Program Notes - Series 100

Make It Artsy is a brand new show dedicated to the crafter, maker and artist!  This new series celebrates that maker spirit and enthusiasm that extends to every part of life. It’s more than crafting, more than art or scrapbooking; this is an all-encompassing show for any one that loves to make “things”.  From mixed media to metalsmithing, using tools from saws to sewing machines, and materials from paper to wood;  today’s most creative “makers” join  host Julie Fei Fan Balzer and unleash a new look for crafting with a touch of industrial style. 

Books are not just for reading! Tool expert Joe Rotella cuts a niche in a book to create a planter. Craft metal book hinges with designer Mary Hettmansperger and Mou Saha makes vintage books into colorful art journals. Host Julie Fei Fan Balzer has a tip for creating a charming little book necklace.


Add an artsy flair to ordinary objects.  Urban artist Seth Apter wraps everyday objects with wire, fibers and beads.  Julie Fei Fan Balzer personalizes wooden nesting dolls. Author Laurie Mika fashions clay with stamps, charms and beads to make mini-shrines. In the tip, maker Roxanne Coble adds dimension and texture to journals.


Peel back the layers to discover more artistic possibilities. Mixed media maker Roxanne Coble alters postcards with blobs, patterns and drips. Collage artist Rebekah Meier sews circles to make mandalas. Tool expert, Joe Rotella, molds and casts accessories and embellishments. Crafter Kathy Cano-Murillo has a tip for layering scraps to make a new surface.


No matter how many stamps you have, you need more. Color-happy artist Mou Saha draws and cuts custom stamps.  Julie Fei Fan Balzer makes cool wrapping paper from paper bags. Joe Rotella, tool expert, manufactures his own stamps from foam. In the tip, Mou Saha throws her stamping process into reverse to create new looks.


Just step outside to find artsy inspiration in nature.  Calligrapher Janet Takahashi adds floral accents to plain lettering. Metalsmith Mary Hettmansperger adds patinas to copper. Art entrepreneur Jenn Mason captures nature's beauty in monostenciling. Julie Fei Fan Balzer has a tip for printing designs with items from nature.


Color adds impact to your designs. Host Julie Fei Fan Balzer adds color to dark backgrounds.  Color explodes from collaged bags from crafty chica Kathy Cano-Murillo. Designer Mou Saha transforms a coloring book page into a watercolor painting. In the tip, mixed media artist Dina Wakley pours onto her journal pages.


Look toward the gritty, industrial world for inspiration. Using industrial materials, Joe Rotella creates an artsy tray. Illustrator Jenn Mason designs contemporary earrings, then hardens them with heat.  Joe Rotella revs up his micro lathe to carve a keepsake pen. Finally, take a road trip to the Columbus Idea Foundry, a center for the growing Maker Movement.


A blank piece of paper challenges every maker. Illustrator Roxanne Coble balances humor and emotional themes in abstract mini-canvases. Lettering artist Janet Takahashi showcases calligraphy with decorative borders. Joe Rotella uses the today's design and cutting technology to create a mosaic box top. In the tip, Dina Wakley creates tags with paint and stamps.


Celebrate all that is artsy. Clay artist Laurie Mika celebrates love by embedding all sorts of charms into sculptured hearts. Kathy Cano-Murillo honors Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos with stained glass ornaments. Janet Takahashi has calligraphy ideas for DIY weddings and mix media artist Jenn Mason makes a mini-banner for any celebration.


In the hands of the maker, the ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary.  A simple lamp morphs into a decorator accent with tool expert Joe Rotella.  A matchbook becomes a mini-journal in the hands of artist Roxanne Coble. Host Julie Fei Fan Balzer creates cool jewelry from coloring book pages.  Clay artist Laurie Mika has a tip on stenciling on clay.


Home Decor
Your home is a gallery for your art. Artist Dina Wakley makes a wall hanging with tissue stamping. Tool expert Joe Rotella uses computer design and cutting technology to create an apron. Using watercolors, calligrapher Janet Takahashi creates simple brush lettering. Author Rebekah Meier has a tip for adding a splash of color to any home.


Combine materials, mediums and techniques to create a collage. Julie Fei Fan Balzer has a collage project using layers of stencils.  Urban artist Seth Apter die cuts components for an industrial-looking collage.  Mixed media artist Rebekah Meier paints, stamps and sews a colorful cloth banner. Jenn Mason has a tip for capturing images while you travel.


Paint Techniques
Get out those paints and brushes and let's paint!  Collage artist Rebekah Meier uses custom-cut stencils, masking tape and paints to create a cool canvas.  Dina Wakley uses thick and thin paint methods to make an artistic journal page.  Host Julie Fei Fan Balzer works with additive and reductive mono-printing techniques. In the tip, Seth Apter shares innovative embossing ideas.

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